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I'mma creatin' some characters for Tomb Raider Nate to play with.
Original challenge: Character Design Ideas/Challenge?

Note that descriptions are kinda vague, as to better fit into the world, and seeing as I don't know the whole story behind Mr. Nate and his camo-speedo escapades across the planet.

Tory Attwater…
Nationality: American/British Occupation: Personal Chef (untrained)
Quotes: "Ugh, that was ONE TIME, Nate. One time!"
"Does it feel cold in here?" / "I feel a draft."
"That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me."
History:To say that Tory and Nate had a normal first meeting would not do it justice. It was a cold winter's night when a naked, hypothermia-struck, higher-than-the-Gods-in-Heaven young man broke into Nate's manor house, somehow managing to bypass all the locks and security measures, sneak into the kitchen, and proceed to have a deep philosophical conversation with a cantaloupe. Seeing Nate enter, confused, mesmerized and sporting a pair of pistols, Tory thought nothing of simply hugging Nate, believing him to be sexy Jesus come down to bring him to Heaven "I don't want to be cold anymore!" followed by endless sobbing while Nate attempted to bring some warmth back into him.
The next morning, Tory apologized possibly 10,000 times, going all red in the face and then apologizing some more. After being homeless, drifting aimlessly and being rejected by his parents for coming out of the closet, Tory ingested some unknown substances while out with some "friends" he met on the street, resulting in..... well, last night. Offering to make breakfast as a peace offering, Tory concocted the best things Nate had ever tasted, and he offered Tory a roof over his head and gave the young man a newfound purpose in life.
Current Sketch: Tory currently serves as both the personal chef and the "castellan" of Chateau Nate, keeping tabs on the house while Nate flies off to the far corners of the world. The conditions of him staying in the house are that he is not to partake of illegal substances, and to continue try new recipes. Tory has zero professional training, and pretty much improvises in the kitchen, throwing together things that just sound good on paper, and yet, with his magic touch, the food is always amazing. Although he tries to keep his relationship with Nate "professional" he is privately developing an ever-expanding crush on Nate, who seems oblivious to how it is developing.

Bastien Oehlke and Lorring Noble
Nationality: German (both) Occupation: Idle-Rich Dilettante (Bastien), Aspiring Writer (Lorring)…  (Bastien front, Lorring back)
Quotes:: Bastien: "I forget, who's turn is it to be the sexy hostage tonight?" "I don't wake up hungover EVERY day- aw, who am I kidding I do. Shut up stop being loud." Lorring: "You've been hanging out with Bastien too much, Nate. I just wanna hear about that temple in Cambodia." "At this point, I'm pretty sure my autobiography would put 50 Shades to shame....."
History: Bastien and Lorring have been boyfriends since..... well they don't remember a time before they met and started sexing each other up. While recovering in a resort hotel in Mexico, after a harrowing trek through the jungle and into a lost Mayan citadel, Nate happened across these two crazy Germans totally by accident. Having been drinking margaritas since dawn the previous day and baking themselves by the side of the pool, Bastien's first words to Nate were "Hola Chico. I want your fat cock inside me." Followed by Lorring's first words: "Jesus Christ! I am SO sorry, Sir, he's very, very drunk!"
Current Sketch:The German pair have occasionally accompanied Nate to destinations across the globe as the two of them hedonistically enjoy the pleasures of spending ridiculous amounts of trust-fund cash on parties, drinks and various bondage gear and sex toys. At times, they even show up unexpectedly at Chateau Nate, and two things happen: The liquor cabinet shrinks, and a new piece of furniture is "consecrated" by these two lust-birds. Despite their zaniness, the two of them are madly in love and would make great sacrifices on behalf of the other.
Despite all attempts to get Nate to participate in a kinky threesome, Bastien has had no success. There are few things in life that make Nate nervous; being the "sexy hostage" of his crazy friends his one of those things.

Brother Salaun Vires…
Nationality: French Occupation: Monk, Historian, Translator
Quotes: "Ah, Master Nathan. I translated the etching you found near Alexandria. It's mixture of Latin and Egyptian script..... and it's basically an advertisement for an ancient brothel. *chuckles*" "Egads, Nate, put some pants on! This is the House of the Lord!"
History: A real renaissance man, Brother Salaun is an expert on the early history of the Middle East, the Holy Land, and the Mediterranean basin, and is knowledgeable in many ancient languages and alphabets. Having watched Nathan grow from being a smartass teenager at the private school where he teaches, into an inquisitive adult, the monk has guided Nathan to the best of his abilities, although the headstrong adventurer doesn't always take his advice. In addition to teaching Nathan much on the ancient languages of the Near East (with some success) the monk was also the man who taught Nate how to shoot (with much greater success), although he refuses to reveal to Nate who trained him to fight. Indeed, Salaun Vires is a man of many secrets.
The biggest secret being Salaun's membership in the Hidden Order of Saint Gregory, a clandestine cabal of holy men who possess and protect many occult secrets of the ancient world, some of them quite dark and insane. The monks of the Hidden Order go to great lengths to preserve their secrets, even going so far as to kill, despite their vows. Salaun Vires was selected by his masters to observe the young Nathan due to their close connection. Nate's parents supposedly had discovered the Order's existence, but no evidence of this has yet been discovered, and Salaun has considered inviting Nate aboard as a member, but for reasons unexplained, his masters will not allow it. And thus, the game of divided loyalties continues, weighing heavily on Salaun's heart. Only time will tell who he will side with......


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